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“Rui" this word is the unique interpretation of the modern Oriental style, It integrated in South-East Asia, new Chinese style,Japanese style, and other fasion simple styles. This conception also merge into "self-cultivation" concept and extracted connotation and characteristics of the Oriental culture, create new Orientalism and modern style.”Rui” is not only a fabric brand, but also it represents a attitude of over-nature, a transcendent,and a care for their own.

“Rui” has Moxiang,fasion,elegant and gorgeous four series. For moxiang series, it mainly uses modern methods to interpret chinese poets, word, book, drawing and carving. For elegant series, it embodies the natural ancient Oriental tast by its cotton and linen texture, for fasion series, it uses classic elements of the East and make it new sharpening, simple, stylish。For gourgeous series,it inheritance of Chinese traditional aesthetic concepts, showing the noble and magnificent after delete all the abandoned things.

"Rui" is the life style of soul returning and real life seeking, with the perfect fusion of modern style of interior decoration of the East, it is designed and built for the "spiritual nobility" who understand the self-cultivation, and like to taste their life

"Rui" through constant innovation and upgrading, product fully covering the study room, tea room, living room, bedroom, recreation area and other areas. And we believe that in the near future, "Rui" will lead the fashion of modern culture in the East.
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